ACMC 2015 is one of the flagship conferences on Membrane Computing aiming to provide a high-level international forum for researchers working in membrane computing and related areas, especially for the ones from the Asian region. This conference is the Fourth edition of ACMC with the three editions having successfully taken place in Wuhan, China, 2012, Chengdu, China, 2013 and Coimbatore, South India 2014 and also a geographical expansion of CMC (Conference on Membrane Computing) which is held every year from 2000 in different European Countries.

Like artificial neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence, cellular automata and DNA computing, membrane computing is also a branch of natural computing or nature-inspired computing and was initiated by Gheorghe Paun in 1998. It aims to abstract computing models, called membrane systems or P systems, from the structure and the functioning of the living cell as well as from the cooperation of cells in tissues, organs, and populations of cells. This research area has grown into a vigorous scientific discipline and has attracted a large number of researchers all over the world.

ACMC 2015 is planned as a friendly interactive conference with several keynote lectures, paper presentations and some specialized sessions, which will cover a wide range of topics on membrane computing, including theory, applications, implementation and various aspects related to membrane computing. The Registration fee and the accommodation fee will be posted soon on the conference page. The Registration fee covers the participation, the special dinner, the campus tour and the lunch. The accommodation has to be paid by each participant.